Where are you?  What are you doing now?  We want to hear all about it!  Whether or not you are able to attend our 50-year reunion, we want to keep in touch with you. Please submit all your information so we can update our records. 
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Email addresses are very important- they save on postage and any savings only helps keep the cost of the Reunion down...We appreciate your help and the pictures are fun too!!!! (Pictures can be added by David)

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Arnie Mengel
Pilot Married 2
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Bill Baker
Profile picture
Profile picture
Co-Owner Southlake Jewelers Married 2
Marriad to Malia Crosby Baker. Malia is a RealEstate Broker with ReMax LoneStar.
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Bruce Garrett
Profile picture
College Instructor & HP Retiree Married 2
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Buddy Clark
www.facebook/buddy.clark Married
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David Taliaferro
Welcome to the 50th Reunion website. I am the 'OZ' behind the curtain. Not 'great and powerful' but I prefer behind the scene. Although I am not averse to a public presence there are many who deserve accolades more than I. Enjoy your time here and I am always available for discussions.

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Karen Fairless (Sero)
Retired Elementary Principal Widowed 2
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Kathy Sanders (Dennemann)
teller Married 1
So glad that I have had a chance to re-connect (and in some cases connect)with  people from high school on Facebook.  It has been fun and enjoyable,  but also very memorable and soul searching at times.   Thanks for the memories -  new and old. Send Kathy a MessageSend Kathy a Message
Marilyn Weaver
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Mark Stephens
Transportation Analyst Single
Although my attendance has reduced in 2016, I really enjoy our mini, monthly, reunion meals with sometimes 20+ "BHS71-ers"!  In fact, on a few lucky "first Thursdays" a couple of Raiders from other years will show up.  If you haven't joined us at least once, and find yourself back in the metroplex at the right time, join us!  We have had Raiders show up from as far as Springtown (hi Karen!) and even Plano.  The Plano couple has made Several 'first Thursday' trips.  See ya! Send Mark a MessageSend Mark a Message
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